Antohe Cătălin

cazuri stomatologice, pacient Antohe Catalin, Pasindora


Case overview

Cătălin underwent a treatment comprising of 6 upper and 6 lower implants.
This was a completely painless procedure both during as well as after its completion
The patient was provided with the fixed temporary dentures for the maxillary as well as the manible.
During the following 6 months, the patient benefited from fixed teeth which enabled him to be able to eat,albeit with increased care so as not to put excessive strain on the implants and be able to smile.
After the healing period the patient returned to change the temporary works with the permanent ones.
Implanturi Dentare Rm Valcea
Implanturi Dentare Valcea

The first phase consists of the design of the teeth inorder to see which sizes and shapes fit, followed by intermediate testing.

lucrare provizorie

The final trial is made with wax gums and provisional teeth to visualize how they fit esthetically, and the functionality of the works is recorded with Modjow.

implanturi dentare


Now, Cătălin can wholeheartedly smile again! All you need to do is take the first step, overcome your fear and tap into your inner desire to be able to eat, smile and communicate without fearof judgement.

cazuri stomatologice, pacient Antohe Catalin, Pasindora
cazuri stomatologice, pacient Antohe Catalin, Pasindora