Regain your smile in one day with Fast & Fixed


How does the Fast & Fixed dental implant change your life?

Fast & Fixed

With the help of the German Fast & Fixed procedure, patients who are partially or completely missing teeth – either on one or both arches – can regain their smile following specific procedures (extraction, implant and temporary restoration) that take only one day.

Though it might seem difficult for someone who has had long term dental issues to imagine, all of them may be solved in one day, following an intervention that does not hurt, is not uncomfortable and is carried out completely safely for the patient.

Our smile is part of our personality, and Fast & Fixed restores it in just one day.

What is Fast & Fixed?

Fast & Fixed, a Bredent dental protocol, is the “immediate loading” type treatment concept that has experienced the most prominent growth in Romania in the last 11 years, due to its long-term quality and resistance, transparent cost and easy long-term maintenance.  Designed in Germany, the Fast & Fixed treatment ensures excellent stability of the implant and allows its insertion regardless of bone density. The connection between the implant and the prosthetic elements is very efficient and safe, thanks to an anti-rotational element used in high-performance technique (torx, used in high-precision fields, such as the aerospace industry).

Over 100,000 patients who already have new teeth thanks to the Fast & Fixed treatment have stepped into the next stage of their lives, where they can fully enjoy life, without the worry of unsightly teeth or toothaches.

Fast & Fixed + Provisional work

Fast & Fixed over 4 Bredent dental implants

17.500 lei

Fast & Fixed over 5 Bredent dental implants

19.600 lei

Fast & Fixed over 6 Bredent Dental Implants


Fast & Fixed over 3 Straumann Dental Implants

17.000 lei

Fast & Fixed over 4 Straumann Dental Implants

23.000 lei

Fast & Fixed over 6 Straumann Dental Implants


The best and most effective solution for a natural smile

Restores up to 99% of the function and natural look of your teeth.

It lasts a lifetime.

Boosts self confidence and restores the proper functioning of your teeth.

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In Pasindora you benefit from:

Dr. Pintilie Claudiu

Specialist in Oral Surgery and Implantology

Specialist with over 8 years of experience in the field, I am a dynamic and insightful person who aims to perform dental treatments of the highest level in a professional environment, using state-of-the-art technology, developed clinical protocols, as well as complex systems of oral rehabilitation.

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