Medit I500 Intraoral Scanner

It helps in digital scanning (fingerprinting), which is one click away from any laboratory in the world. With the help of the two high-speed cameras, it scans quickly and efficiently with a precision of the order of micrometers.

The Modjaw Scanner

It is used to record the occlusion (bite), it shows and records in real time the movements made by the 2 maxillary arches. These recorded movements can be applied to an intraoral scan.

Florida Probe System

The doctor can make a digital graph of the periodontal status with a very high accuracy in just a few minutes.

Zeiss Microscope

It helps the root canal treatment. By using the microscope, the chances that the treatment will be carried out correctly increase up to 96%.

Biolase Laser

Used both in pain therapy, teeth whitening, healing of canker sores and periapical lesions (root infections), gingivectomies (gum remodeling and periodontal pocket sterilization).

Premium Centrifuge

It produces plasma from blood in the form of a membrane or liquid that can be used both in dento-alveolar surgery, implantology and facial aesthetics.


It is used in dental surgery, provides precision and safety without affecting soft tissue, without necrosis and without causing excess temperature on the cut tissues, thanks to ultrasonic vibrations and electronic control.

Zoom whitening lamp

It helps to carry out the whitening treatment, eliminating food and drink stains, aging and even discoloration caused by certain types of drugs. In 45 minutes, your teeth can be up to 8 shades whiter.


Equipment for minimally invasive dental treatments based on fluid abrasive technique. Used for: cleaning and stain removal, crack treatment, cavity preparation.

Milestone anesthesia device

Easy and accurate administration with a very thin needle. Comfortable procedure for both doctor and patient. Ideal for periodontal interventions – fewer injections. Ease and efficiency for intraligamentary injections.


  • The STA system allows the numbing of a single tooth without any other collateral anesthesia
  • The visual impact created by the STA anesthesia system is much less traumatic than that of regular syringes.
  • The anesthetic is injected progressively (computer controlled) as the patient needs it
  • Anesthesia no longer covers the lip and tongue, the feeling of discomfort disappears completely.
  • The lips are not numb and the smile line can be assessed immediately.
  • With STA the anesthesia will be deep, it sets in instantly and you can work immediately for 30-45 minutes.
  • Due to the computer controlled amount as well as the precise place where the anesthetic is injected, the number of injections required is lower