Dental veneer simluation (Wax-up)

When aesthetic treatments are needed, the final result may be anticipated through Wax-up. You will have the opportunity to see your future smile before starting the treatment.

How is this simulation done and what does it consist of?

In the first stage, we create a virtual simulation of your smile. By means of digital scanning we get a clear picture of the situation which supports the dental technician in the actual physical simulation (wax-up).

The second stageconsists of testing with the aid of a mold that is applied over the patient’s teeth, allowing them to see the final result before starting treatment.

In spite of occasional challeges, we know that there always is a silver lining, and the sun comes up after every storm. And what better way to greet the sun that with a sincere and wide smile?

If your smile doesn’t give you the confidence you need, schedule a mock-up to see your future smile.