Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery implică diagnosticul și tratamentul chirurgical al bolilor dentare, defectelor și leziunilor. Looking forward to seeing you in the Pasindora Clinic – dental office Valcea – to find together solutions for the problems you face.


What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery involves the diagnosis and surgical treatment of dental conditions, defects and lesions.

Oral surgery includes:

What are the benefits of a dental surgical treatment?

Dental surgical treatment has a number of benefits, such as:

What types of dental surgery are there?

When you resort to dental surgery, you must know that this is a branch that involves extensive changes to the dentition, facial bones and the entire oral cavity.

There are thus several types of surgical interventions:

What is a tooth extraction? What types of tooth extractions are there?

When you arrive at a dental office, the dentist will only recommend tooth extraction as a last resort. We are talking about those cases when other methods of saving the tooth are not possible or when the diseased tooth can cause other complications. Tooth extraction involves the removal of the tooth / teeth by the dentist.

There are several types of extractions:

When is a wisdom tooth extraction procedure necessary and what does it entail?

Wisdom teeth are only extracted in certain situations – for example, when there is no roomfor them to grow or it affects the position of neighboring teeth. This decision is made after a consultation followed by an X-ray.

These steps may result in:

The procedure to extract wisdom teeth can be difficult, complex and risky. To remove the pain, the extraction is done under local anesthesia.

Of course, there are also situations in which the extraction of wisdom teeth is not advised:

How long and what does the recovery period after a tooth extraction involve?

What does recovery after wisdom tooth extraction entail? What foods and drinks are allowed?

In the first 24 hours after the intervention, it is recommended to avoid the consumption of alcohol, carbonated drinks, hot drinks, coffee, and a 72-hour break from smoking is recommended. As for food, it should be soft, not requiring chewing.

Recovery after wisdom tooth extraction involves several stages: